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Who we are

Focus on global and innovative solutions

We value innovation

Intervalue® is an import and export company that operates in different market segments, including cosmetics, beauty products, health (medical-dental-hospital) products and bazaar items. We are driven by our commitment to quality and innovation to select brands and products that revolutionize the daily lives of our customers, such as our international topline products Interflexy, Cellcurin, RMDA-S e Troipeel.

Always committed to safety, we make sure that our products meet all legal requirements, with ANVISA (Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency) certifications and supported by studies and specialized professionals.

Mission, vision and values

The Intervalue® brand

Mission: Contribute to technological advancement and innovation in the daily lives of our customers.

Vision: Be recognized in the national market as the most innovative distributor of cosmetics, beauty and health (medical-dental-hospital) products.

Values: Innovation; Technology; Ethics; Quality; Safety; Partnership; Commitment.


We value innovation and work with an unlimited commitment to quality, ethics and partnership.

Intervalue Comercial S.A.

CNPJ: 34.387.230/0001-77

I.E: 26.017.801-2

  • Av. Coronel Marcos Konder, 1024, Sala 21, Centro. Itajaí, Santa Catarina. Brazil. Zip Code 88301-302.
  • +55 47 3083 8884
  • +55 47 9 9702 0147
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